Black Web Developers, Where?

Recent digg activity uncovered a series of statements made at the C4 developer conference. According to one presenter, DrunkenBatman, black people don’t use macs and instead they are outside pan-handling for money in front of Apple stores. Being a black developer I took offense more as a professional than as an African American. 

While I’m not thrilled about what was said and how the topic of diversity was delivered, I can’t really deny that the statement and slides retain a lot of truth. Why are there few black people in the web developer space and attending functions? Personally I think its a cultural issue.

Lets face it. Black people just aren’t very excited about web development. Few of them ever pursue a career in technology unless it has to do with music or some form of entertainment. As a black web designer of almost 10 years, I have not once worked with other black web developers. I just don’t know why that is. I have a vibrant career as a web designer without having a degree, why aren’t other black people doing the same?


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