Apple Safari Browser on Windows

I’m sure every blogger on the planet is blazing the keyboards giving their take on Apple’s recent stratagic move of their flagship web browser to the Windows operating system. As far as my take, I’m equal parts joyed and pissed. Joyed. When I went to Apple’s website I was yielded by the sheer amount of newness pertruding from the new redesign. Then as I looked to the bottom left of the homepage, I realized Safari was rereleased, iTunes style. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Safari on Windows? I pursued and downloaded it immediately. My first impressions were, “it just works not to mention quick too!”. In the same breath I made it my default browser. Web development just got easier. Pissed. Apple keeps teasing the windows user community with these gems of the OS X platform and quite frankly, I’m freaking sick of it. Its about time for Apple to start opening OS X up for something other than their own hardware. If they want to be a real leader something must happen in those respects. Otherwise they’re going to be stuck with the same market share they’ve had for years. If thats not bad enough, people are now beginning to settle for Windows Vista which means over time it will again be only a matter of time before upgrading becomes absolutely necessary. Vista seemingly has more problems than a foster child so that inevitable future is a sad affair.


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