Morning Note: 37signals

When I think about 37signals, walking out on my day job and taking the world into the palm of my hand comes to mind. It seems to me they’ve enable a sort of revolution for the little guys. Granted I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said, but why isn’t anyone up taking their business strategy? Certainly their stratagey isn’t complicated, actually its rather simple.

People buy passionate products. Comparing two software giants, Microsoft and Apple you can certainly tell whose products are built on passion and not just bottom-line. Build passion into your company and products and your bottom-line will fall right behind. However don’t think for a minute all passion and no ingenuity will work, cause it will crash and burn just like most web 2.0 companies have done so far.

Do like 37signals and create passion and simple ingenuity for your customers and the world could be yours. Well maybe not completely yours. (chuckles).


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