Why OpenID Doesn’t Make Business Sense

OpenID is a round-robin tool for adding cross-site, cross-architecture user authentication to your web projects. For example, if I wanted to login to Digg.com and my favorite blogger’s website. OpenID lets me log in once and have a session for both websites. Its great and all, but Microsoft tried this same thing with Passport and it failed, what makes OpenID any better?

The fact of the matter is that OpenID doesn’t make business sense. Simple users who barely have a grip on RSS aren’t hardly going to give a flying flip about OpenID.

Yet tons of web developers are freaking over something that maybe 5% of their user base will utilize. To me, OpenID is a luxury technology and not something that could be realistic and provide true ROI for a company or web application.

Users need something that actually improves their online productivity, not something that just adds more user names and passwords to their memory banks.


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