Entering Django

Today marks my first real steps into the world of Django, a python-based web framework. Installation felt vague at best, but doable. Lets see what happens.

After getting django fully installed and ready to rock, I’m finally seeing the landing page. Getting started is seemingly confusing. However, I am sure it doesn’t help that I’ve not done much study prior to installing Django. Regardless we will move on anyway.

Resources to Help You Breath

Sitepoint.com has a great tutorial on Django. My usual approach is simply just to rewrite code verbatim out of the tutorial. Most would just copy and paste. However, rewriting everything gives you a feel for the language first hand.

Needless to say I typed something wrong and couldn’t see what it was, so I just simply copy and pasted out of frustration. Python is a little eccentric when it comes to indentation. Soon you just realize that accuracy is important when you’re programming.

Working with Code

After writing a total of about 20-30 lines of code, administration was complete for my to do list. The greatest appeal of django is its admin. interface out-of-the-box.  As a designer its sometimes frustrating to build a good reusable interface. So it was good to see this coming from Django.

Writing Python code is quite amazing as well. Sure, I was simply cite reading code, but I didn’t stumble to much over weird syntax as this happens often in Ruby and PHP.

Python comes with a lot of patterns, especially in the realm of Django. It was easy to review my code and see where I could duplicate or extend to further increase my applications reach.

Deploy It and It Shall Run

One advantage over rails is that Django applications will just run. Unlike Ruby you don’t have to fight and battle with a huge stack and incompatibility issues. Running Django in production only requires a module used by Apache (along with typical modifications of course).


All in all I though Django was amazing. It is truly a  productive framework with much more to offer than just a little old to do list application. Any designer should give it a try and see what happens.


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