Django and Ruby on Rails: Decisions

UPDATE: I’m sticking with Rails. My gut screams ruby on rails. This summer is gonna be all about rails.

Lately I have been reading some very compelling articles and content on Django, Drupal and Ruby on Rails. My findings have been nothing short of enlightening.

I know what you’re thinking, yet another Django/Rails comparison. Fortunately I will not be comparing anything. This post will more or less be a designer’s revolution. A challenge to take the route of least resistence when it comes to web development.

Ruby on Rails, Actually Not for Designers

Surprising? Good. Ruby on Rails was built by programmers. Therefore its philosophies and methods are that of programmers. Designers never really got a say in what makes sense for designers. I guess this where DHH and his “opinionated get real” attitude ends. As a professional I have a duty to make the best of the technology available to meet expectations of clients and employers. If this technology does not provide me the utmost productivity and least resistance then it fails to meet needs. Not just my needs, but that of my clients and employers.

Ruby on Rails is awesome and very adaptable to most situations. However, as DHH has said in several interviews, rails is but a toolbox of repetitive web programming tasks. Personally I don’t care. No matter what you call it, if it does not give me the tools to get things done, then its useless for my case.

Django, A Quiet God-send?

As aforementioned I had been doing some reading up on Django, the python driven web framework. Unfortunately I do not know python at all. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few raves from pure designers like Jeff Croft for example. As a professional I have looked up to for a couple years now, I must say his conclusions are iron clad.

What now?

I need to get Django loaded on my machine to get an idea of what its like. The worst part will be finding a comparable text editor. For rails its been RadRails. Although I have been looking at ActiveState’s Komodo IDE. I’ve used it for rails in the past but project management in Komodo was dumb. So I dumped it. Its time to pick it up again.

Django, here I come. My first application will be a base application for content management in small to medium sized universities.


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