I Am a Web Coordinator

After much footwork I am finally solidified as web coordinator of North Central University. The challenges that await are definitely big and will be a joy to tackle.

One might ask, what challenges actually await me? Well for starters, PHP isn’t exactly my strong suit. I’d feel much more comfortable programming in ruby. Unfortunately PHP is their preferred language of choice for building dynamic websites. On the fortunate side of things confidence is on my side and I have no doubts this is one challenge I’ll put to shame.

In lue of working in PHP I grant that its not nearly as efficient as Ruby out of the box. It should be mentioned that Drupal will also be in the picture. The problem lies with my confidence in PHP, I have hardly any. During the next couple of weeks I will be putting together a presentation/proposal to use Ruby on Rails to redesign the North Central University website.

According to whats relevant I will be presenting these points and how Ruby on Rails efficiently tackles each problem.

  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Code Collaboration and Sharing
  • Designer Friendly Syntax and Code
  • Agility & Turnaround Time
  • Community of Resources
  • Iterating in the Wild
  • Content Management

Needless to say its all far from perfect. Nevertheless as I research the spectrum of a web framework vs. a cms, it will naturally begin to make more sense.

Returning to the point of this post, I begin working at North Central University next week. Collaboration will be exciting, but unfortunately they love having meetings. Collaboration is communication, not meetings. At any rate, stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.


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