Responsible Design:

If you’re any kind of web user you’ve obviously heard about RSS feeds. They’re popular on blogs and news websites and generally are grabbed by your browser or a feed aggregator, like Newshutch. Let’s take a look.

Like few rss feed aggregators Newshutch does a great job of grabbing your content and bringing it to you with readability and style in mind. But I must admit that using Newshutch included a respectable learning curve. A lot of the interface seems suggestive as opposed to informatively obvious. While Newshutch has a lot of solid feature points, the design still has a long way to go.

Newshutch brings you content, no whizbang star-spangled features to wet your appetite. The design is simple and very responsible. All the colors work well as it only adheres to a scheme of maybe 4 colors at the most. When reading online it is important that my focus stays on the content and not on the pretty navigation or background pattern. Darker shades of blue helps readability and is so common that I almost block it out therefore providing further focus on the content.  Kudos to the designers of Newshutch for this is a truely well thought out design with readability and usability in mind.

Feature by feature Newshutch is the best web-based rss feed reader out there. Whether its streamlining it with firefox to pick up feeds or flagging posts that I liked, it filled the bill very nicely. And whats more is that its browser agnostic. No more saving my live bookmarks (rss feeds in firefox) when I switch computers or have to reinstall windows.

I would suggest this to anyone but beware, features aren’t readily obvious.


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