Back to Ruby on Rails

One full month and several insufficiently used blank CD-Rs later, I’m back on rails. Lately so many ideas have been rolling around in my head for web applications. One of which I am planning for production release in late summer. And so it begins…

Where I am currently staying, there is large lack of broadband. We are currently grabbing wireless internet from some unknown location, but its definitely less than perfect. My desktop currently uses a wireless usb adapter and because the signal is already low I’d be lucky to have a connection for more than 2 minutes. To side step the problem I am limited to borrowing my roommates laptop as it actually gets a decent signal for wireless connection.

Although getting things done have been on the edge of pipe dream and needless to say my supply of CD-R discs have been suffering as well. Luckily I have been able to get by due to the small download size of everything I needed to starting developing rails apps again. Below are a few things I had to download.

  • RadRails and various add-ons (Ruby on Rails Development IDE)
  • Instant Rails (Packaged Ruby on Rails Framework)
  • Various Applications (Adobe Reader, etc…)

Nevertheless, its been a patient couple of days getting my development environment up and running again. Stay tuned for news concerning the web apps I will be working on through the holidays and early spring.


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