Week Two in Minneapolis

Never in my life have I been so driven to indulge like I’ve done this week. Just the other night I impaled myself with 4 movies. The worst part is that they were viewed consecutively one right after the other. Addict? Certainly not. Bored? Oh yeah!

Sin City, Just Phenomenal

I finally got a chance to see Sin City and I must say that lineup of actors was absolutely stellar. The movie included a fantastic mix of currently hot young actors to beloved veterans like Bruce Willis.

What I enjoyed the most was the respect and adherence to the comic book genre. How often can you say that watching a movie was like watching a comic book come to life? Thats right, not to often. Before you get all weird on me, you all must know that I am an avid fan of comics to films.

All in all, it was a great “cinematic adventure” as one Dane Cook would put it. Sin City is surely a movie I would watch repeatedly.

The 2 Job Jig

Yesterday, I applied to work at H&M, a clothing store located in the Mall of America. Luckily I was able to get an interview for today at 3PM. Speaking of jobs, I emailed the director of media relations at North Central University to get an update of where they are in hiring me on or in the lack thereof. They proceeded to reply and requested that I call them today before 12PM.

To lie and deny the fact that I am scared of what awaits me in that phone call would be murder. As to be quite honest, I am scared sh*tless as some would say. But when that time rolls around to call I will do so with confidence and nothing less. If rejection awaits me then it wasn’t meant to be and simply meant there is something better down the road.

Whether its H&M or North Central University, I will not lose focus and cheat myself out of meeting my goals and aspirations.

Here’s to taking risks and pursuing passion!


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