Responsible Design:

The web is full of great design while it is also matched with bad design. There are even times where the potential for good design is completely ignored and put to the wayside due to some superiorian attitude of “I don’t care.”. is the site of question. Its been through I believe three redesigns since its first release of the popular cross-platform IDE for Rails development. With its most recent design came about a new platform for community and sharing of resources surrounding RadRails.

However, the sites design is rather questionable and a bit irresponsible. While it does loosely follow web standards, the design just doesn’t adhere to good user experience. Make-shift is the phrase that comes to mind.

Where the design fails the most is in the actual experience of contributing content. When the site simply was there to keep users aware of new releases and announcements surrounding RadRails, it worked. Since the inception of a new user blog community everything has been falling apart ever since. If it isn’t annoying Javascript dialogs, its a rabid CSS bug, all things a website like should have given a lot more thought to.

And I Conclude…

All in all, is on the right track but its the details that sends it spiraling into a pit of design failure.


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