Week One in Minneapolis

Last week I moved to Minneapolis which is where I am actually writing this blog from. Then the masses reply, “DRRRR!”. Anyway, its been an enchanting week with mass transit systems, hooking up with old friends, and pursuing a profession in web development.

Pursuit of Career Happiness

For a very long time I’ve been so afraid of pursuing a “real” career in web development. A good friend of mine coined it as, “fear of success”. After thinking about it, I concur. Long story short, I finally got the nerve up to send in my meek resume and hope for the best. Needless to say they responded almost immediately.

The events that led up to all this were kind of sporadic and completely random. Nonetheless I got an interview and packed my things and moved to a town 30 min. outside of downtown Minneapolis.

The Move

Getting here was nothing short of rough. A lot of help offered but no actual rubber to the road. Finally someone came through and I thank God for them. Getting my stuff here wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be. My footprint is pretty small I guess.

Living in the Cities

I am all but a fourth of a mile from the Mall of America not to mention all that surrounds it. Inside is an Apple Store. In light of that very fact I have made the decision of selling my windows pc in an attempt to purchase a Mac Mini. You ask, what does this have to do with living in the cities? Well since my profession is in web development it would only be fitting to purchase new equipment to better suit my needs and due to months of research the Mac Mini fits me. The point is that my profession has everything to do with living in the cities.

Aside from technology and more on the side of transportation, I am enjoying the metro transit system. And to be more specific; the light rail. In the past week I have been traversing Bloomington and downtown Minneapolis on the light rail. Its about a 30-40 min. commute every time. The process is such a no-brainer. Although I must admit that the whole “honor” system they use for transit fares is rather bogus. This system doesn’t work with buses or cabs. But depending on the time you choose to hop on the train you can essentially ride for free.

All in all, I’m excited about living in the great state of Minnesota and more specifically the twin cities. The opportunities that are always afoot throughout just causes me to aspire more and more.


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